Use SofiaGo to cover your conference and travel expenses, we wait for your reimbursement

We created financial services that were designed specifically to fit this problem. Never again will you have to ask for money or wait for the grant or reimbursement to hit your account to pay off your high interest credit card.

We not just cover the costs that will be reimbursed, but we can also provide easy and fair payment terms for expenses that will not be reimbursed.

Let SofiaGO help you get to your conference or event and avoid losing your spot!

We will pay up-front conference fees and travel expenses while you wait for your Academic grant to reimburse you.
Step 1 : Tell us a little bit about yourself, your research, and the event.
Step2 : Receive confirmation.
Step 3 : Pay it back when you get reimbursed or cover it with easy and fair monthly payments that begin up to 6 months after your application is approved.

Use SofiaGO Academic Loans instead of your credit card or asking for money to cover your expenses.

Partnering with the top academic conferences and events 

We are including more events and Associations every month. By partnering with the full academic ecosystem we aim to help more Scholars and Researchers everyday.

Tell us more about the event and get approved

You can also submit a Loan Application for an event not listed in our catalog. We will treat your Application with the same care and do everything in our power to get you there!
For Universities and Institutions

Do you represent an Academic Institution?

SofiaGO's mission also supports Universities and Institutions by providing financial services and helping them keep a better control on approved reimbursements, grants and scholarships.
2,500€ Loans*
Up to a 2,500€ for conference fee and travel expenses.
Multiple Options
Pay in full with your grant reimbursement or start monthly installments 6 months after your application is approved.
* After approved application by SofiaGo
"Going to some academic conferences means paying in advance the equivalent of your monthly stipend. During my PhD I wish I had a tool like SofiaGo to help me cover those expenses so I didn’t have to worry about my tight financial situation."
Roberto Rodriguez R.  —  SofiaGo Founder