Finally an Account that fits your lifestyle

We understand your world, your bank account should too.

Changing the financial balance in the direction of Academia

We are the first fintech designed to help Academics, Researchers and Graduate Students relieve the financial stress caused by poorly fitted financial tools. Our goal is to empower Academics and Researchers through tailor-made financial services and by developing partnerships with Universities, Academic Institutions and Organizations.

The most complete set of financial services for Academics, Researchers, and Graduate Students

The Card

Debit, Credit, Virtual. The last and most secure payment method you will ever need. And yes, also on Apple Pay & Google Pay.
Only for the Academia

The Account

Savings, Banking, Cashflow. Send and receive money. Create pockets to split your money. Again, it's your money.
Easy and simple

The Extra

Credit, Services, Benefits. Apply for whatever you need whenever you need it. The more you use your bank account, the more value you get.
Tailored. For. You.

How does this work?

Fully mobile experience.
Apply for credit instantly.
Keep control of your grants and scholarships.
Plan your budget and payments.
Never skip an opportunity. Instant approval on conferences and events.
We help you every step of your professional life.
Always easy, simple and transparent.
All your financial services in one place.
Personal Finance for Academia

Prioritizing the financial needs of academics

Making Finance Academic.


The affinity banking solution for the academic ecosystem