Telma Hoyler, Political Sociologist

Mixing art and science

Exploring human interactions in art and political sociology, bridging diverse mediums

Telma Hoyler
Telma Hoyler
Postdoctoral Researcher - UCL

I function at the intersection of visual arts and academic research. I completed my PhD in Political Science at the University of São Paulo between 2017 and 2022, and I have had enriching exchange experiences at Sciences Po in Paris (2019-2020) and the University College London in 2023. My research is deeply rooted in the study of human interactions, examining their multifaceted nature across various dimensions such as time, space, and the interplay between humans and non-humans. In political sociology, my focus lies in understanding representation and democracy.

Since 2017, I have been translating into visual forms the reflections and sensations that emerge from my extensive ethnographic research with bureaucrats, politicians, and territorial mobilizers. In this process, I gather, reorganize, and present institutional artifacts of politics.

As a visual artist, my work is characterized by its diversity in mediums, ranging from writing and sewing to collage, drawing, and sound installations. Textile language and the creation of series over time are significant elements of my artistic expression. I also engage in site-specific works that emerge from interactions within the exhibition space, reflecting my interest in exploring the intersections of internal and external interactions. This exploration extends into my own psyche, where I delve into themes of boundaries, entanglements, and the myriad ways we connect.

I have presented my work in several exhibitions. Notable among these are "Entanglements" at the Brunei Gallery in London (2024), "A exceção e a regra" at Ateliê 397 in São Paulo (2023), and "E se ouvíssemos a casa?" at Casa Mulungu in São Paulo (2023). My art has also been part of the 18th Salão Ubatuba de Artes Visuais (2022) and the Festival Lux de Performance in São Paulo (2022), among others.

In my artistic journey, I have engaged in various artistic residencies and collective group processes. These include individual artistic mentorship with André Komatsu in 2022, participation in the Casero Residência at Parque Itatiaia with Patricia Stagi in 2022, and collaborations with artists like Julie Belfer in 2022 and Julia Demeter in 2019.

My career is a testament to my commitment to exploring and understanding the complexities of human interactions, both through my research in political sociology and my creative endeavors in the arts. Each aspect of my work informs and enriches the other, offering a unique perspective on the world we inhabit.